New talks exploring listening

Rosemary will be giving two new presentations in early May, each designed to discover how far listening can take us. Listen to this Space explores the power of listening in the physical, mental and spiritual worlds. By listening and discussion it demonstrates music’s physical effects, and its ability to move the mind in time and space in an instant. The final section is a sequence of words and music reflecting on time, space and eternity. The current talk is a development of lectures given in London, Brighton and Lancashire in 2003.

The rhythm of life is the first of a projected series of talks and discussions under the overall title of Musical Being. It uses the terminology of music – words such as pulse, tempo and syncopation – to illuminate the music played and to reflect on our experience of regularity, pace and complexity in everyday life. The occasion is one of Rosemary’s regular visits to the Edmund Rice Network, and it is planned to lead on to similar considerations of melody and harmony.


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