New devotional songs

During January and February 2015 Rosemary wrote two new devotional songs for the collection which has developed over the past two years. These songs, written for unison voices and piano, have been used frequently and proved very popular at meetings with a spiritual and contemplative purpose. The project is continuing, and she is currently setting a new text for an occasion at the beginning of May. The current list is:

1. I am not born (unaccompanied)

2. The real undoing (Walking, but taking no footsteps)

3. I swear by Immanuel

4. Come, sweet friend

5. There is nothing to do

6. Still am I

Contact Rosemary for more details of the songs and to view sample pages. They can be purchased separately or as a collection.

After the performance of The real undoing in Lincoln Cathedral in August 2014, Rosemary was commissioned to write an arrangement for four-part male voices and piano for the City of Lincoln Male Voice Choir. The first performance was given in St. Michael’s Church, Waddington, Lincolnshire on February 13th 2015. The choir’s conductor, Crauford Thomson commented: The Real Undoing is one of my favourites in the repertoire of the choir and accordingly will be in our programme regularly. It is a beautiful, emotional piece.

City of Lincoln Male Voice Choir at St. Michael's, Waddington

City of Lincoln Male Voice Choir at St. Michael’s, Waddington

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