Autumn lectures

Two new lecture dates have been arranged for the autumn season. In October Rosemary will speak to the Edmund Rice Network in Hale Barns, Cheshire on the subject Death and Resurrection – Composers and the First World War. By comparing music written before, during and after the conflict she will throw light on what was lost, and what rose from the ashes. The music will illustrate the different experiences of composers in  France, England, Austria and America, and the presentation will include extracts from composers’ letters as well as their musical works.

In December Rosemary will be the guest speaker at the Christmas lunch of the Concordia String Orchestra of Stockport – a return visit after her successful presentation Just a Minuet in 2012. This time the subject will be the music of J. S. Bach, but will begin in 1750, the year of his death. She will examine the many likely and unlikely ways in which Bach’s music has become an inspiration for other composers over the centuries to the present day.

A member of the audience at the October lecture wrote an appreciation for a newsletter which concluded:

Rosemary played significant extracts from the music and provided insightful biographical details. The session of two hours’ music and commentary was a magnificent achievement and was a wonderful testimony to the dedicated hours of research Rosemary had undertaken for us. We are so grateful.

(Dominic Hyland)


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