Looking forward to Autumn

The Beethoven Sonata Day Schools preceded the suspension of normal activities by a few days, and attracted a group of thoughtful and experienced listeners. The group enjoyed some of the finest music ever written for piano, and also delved into its dedicatees, its structures and the instruments for which it was written.

Circumstances have postponed the April Day School on Mozart’s Church Music to 2021, but Rosemary is now working on a linked pair of Day Schools studying the development of the piano concerto by Mozart and Beethoven. Some commentators suggest that Mozart’s concertos set an ideal of balance and proportion which has never been bettered. Beethoven did not take anything for granted in his examples, and set a challenging and perhaps dangerous precedent for later composers.

The days will be enlivened by some marvellous music, by the composers’ letters, and no doubt by the contributions of the group. The venue is in Stockport and and the Day Schools take place on Thursday September 24th and Thursday October 22nd. More details can be found at www.mancent.org.uk

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